Your beach wedding at the Mexican Caribbean

Located in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, surrounded by Cozumel’s Protected Natural Area, Isla Pasión is a 2 km island of white sand ideal for beach weddings

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Isla Pasión is a paradise in the middle of the ocean, at the center of the Protected Natural Area and located 45 min away from Cozumel downtown

Arriving by road. We pick our guests in Cozumel downtown, driving them through a natural atmosphere until Bahía Ciega where a boat takes them to Isla Pasión, the whole journey takes 45 min

Arriving by Catamaran. Boarding the Catamaran, our guests enjoy the travel through the Ocean until arriving Isla Pasión in a 45 min trip aprox

Our ceremonies

Mayan wedding*

How does a Mayan Wedding is performed?

Love Mayan Wedding is a result of its simplicity, originality and deep meaning. Considered a link with the Universe (Earth, Air, Fire and Wind) guided by a Shaman

Legal wedding*

Can I get legally married at Isla Pasion?

Legal weddings are the only legally recognized wedding in México, officiated at the seashore on a beautiful gazebo by an authorized Judge

Symbolic wedding*

How does a Symbolic Wedding is performed?

Allows you to share your love through your vows at the seashore, according with your personality, tastes and values. Symbol of the new union

Catholic wedding

Does a Catholic Wedding is allowed on Isla Pasión?

Isla Pasión has one of the few consecrated chapels at the beach in the Mexican Caribbean where couples, holding their hands and facing the turquoise ocean get blessed by a Priest

Christian wedding

How does a Christian Wedding is performed?

Feeling the white sand under your feet, with the Mexican caribbean ocean as a witness, assemble your commitment to Christ guided by a Minister

Jewish wedding

Can i get married by a Jewish ceremony on Isla Pasión?

Celebrate the ceremony under the sky as a sign of the blessing given by God, that his children will be “like the stars of the heaven” by the seashore.

*We celebrate love, LGBT community can get married with these ceremonies:

  • Legal Wedding
  • Symbolic
  • Mayan Ceremony

Packages description

Pearl rose

If the idea of a runaway wedding appeals you, the next steps couldn't be easier with an intimate and beautiful ceremony that also allows you to enjoy the beach.

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Ivory tulip

The main thing to remember is this: it's your day, both lovers holding hands, and the choice is entirely yours. There are really no rules for the celebration of tiny weddings

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Diamond orchid

Tailored for your own needs and personal preferences, surrounded of your closest relatives and a handful of your dearest friends on a Private Island for your wedding

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*We celebrate love, LGBT community can get married with these ceremonies:

  • Legal Wedding
  • Symbolic
  • Mayan Ceremony


“We feel so lucky we found this gem. It was the most beautiful beach location I could have ever imagined"


“Our Wedding planner thought of every detail possible and she were so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you for making our wedding so perfect. It is a day we will treasure forever.”


“The place is a caribbean dream, the views are stunning, the staff & our Wedding Planner was always on the lookout for us at all times. It was definitely the best decisión we took.”


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